2014 LilíRacer Car Club Hawkeye Downs Schedule

April 21: "Community Impact Night" at Pizza Ranch on Wesdale 5-9 PM
May 2: Club Registration/ Driver Autographs
May 9: "Flowers for Moms!"
May 16: Coloring Contest
May 25: "Kids Helping Hungry Kids!" Canned Food Drive (ONE NIGHT ONLY) Winner to receive FOUR lost Island Waterpark tickets!
May 30: "Support your Local Soldier Night" Collection With a Twist!
†††††††††††††† To benefit the Iowa City VA Hospital
June 6: "Chuck A Duck" Night.
June 20: "Kids Fighting Diabetes Night"
June 27: "World's Largest Candy Dash!"
July 4: NO CLUB Happy Holiday!
July 11: "Great American Ice Cream Giveaway!"
July 18: "Foster Care/Adoption Night" Iowa's Kidsnet.
July 25: "Chuck A Duck Night!"
Aug. 1: Costume Contest
Aug. 8: TBD
Aug. 15: Bike Races!
Aug. 25: "Driver Trick or Treat Night"